3d Scanning

NOTE:  Please DO NOT mail your item to be scanned.  This is for local residents only within driving distance of my home in the Town of Stouffville, Ont.  

This 3D scanning service allows customers to have their items scanned and digitized, enabling us to create accurate 3D models. This can be particularly useful for replacing missing or damaged parts, or for creating replicas of your favourite items.

PRICE:  $10 to $20 per item scanned.  Price depends on the size and complexity of your item.  

Why use this service? 

  1. You might have an item that you would like a backup of in STL file format ready for printing anytime.  This is great for items that can no longer be purchased anywhere.
  2. You might have an item that you would like two or more 3d prints of.  An example would be a child's small toy that you want two or more copies of.
  3. You have a broken item that you would like to replace.  As long as all the broken pieces are available they can be glued or taped together in order to get a good 3d scan.
  4. There may be times you want your item to be either larger or smaller.  Scanned items can be resized easily in the slicing software.  An example of this is the photos at the bottom of this page.

An example of using this scanning service is the photo below.  I sprayed the original LOL model then scanned to create a STL file.  For printing I resized the original that was 175mm down to 75mm and also a smaller 45mm copy. This demonstrates that any scan can be resized as required then printed.  After, the print can be painted with acrylic craft paints.

To use this service complete the form below.  Submit one or two photos of the item that you would like scanned.  After reviewing your completed form and determine if I'm able to scan your item successfully, I will email you a quote and if you accept, you can then drop off your item off curbside at my home in the Town of Stouffville, Ont.  My address and instructions will be provided with your quote.  You can pickup your item after scanning is completed.   

Requirements:  Items must be 30mm up to 120mm in size.  Please note that smaller items with recessed areas might not scan well as shown in the photo below.    

Larger items will scan recessed areas much better as shown below.

Scanning one item takes from 20 to 40 minutes which includes cleaning up the scan if needed.  After optimizing and meshing your scan, it will be saved as a STL file ready to 3d print.  This file will be emailed to you after completion or saved to a USB drive if one is supplied.  

If the 3d scan of your item doesn't turn out with the best quality, there will be no charge for scanning your item.  Unsuccessful scans are very rare.



Some items that are dark or have shiny areas, a scanning spray is necessary to achieve a good scan.  I use Aesub Blue or Aesub Orange scanning spray which will not harm parts in most cases.  We've had no issues to date using this spray with over 150 products being scanned.  There could be times that the spray doesn't sublimate totally so wiping with a cloth will remove it.