About Ken & Brian - by Ken


Product Designer - Printer - Webmaster

I founded and created this website.   Using an original item as a starting point, I create replica replacement parts and accessories for our website store. These are made using either 3D scanning or designing them from scratch in my cad software.  When I design a product from scratch I want to make it unique and original.   Most of my store items are resin printed to get the best detail and quality.  Some products are printed with filament.  I still do photography so I use my equipment to take most of the photos that are shown in our store. We are located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


Product Data - Marketing - Product Painter

Brian is an associate and he has the combination of marketing skills, knowledge that allows him to promote and sell our products effectively. Brian supplies all the original items for Ken to either scan or design from scratch for adding products to the store. Most of the product information was provided by Brian. If there are any questions from viewers on any of our products, Brian will answer them because of his knowledge of each item.